Given To Grey: Inner Demons.

08 May

Hours later, Grey stayed hidden in his room for as long as he could. Truth was, Grey was damn tempted to take up residence in his room for the rest of the year. An epidemic of romance had broken out all around him going all the way back to when he’d made the decision to become celibate three years ago. He’d reached a breaking point for other people’s happiness when Isys and Vimal told him they were getting married in July. it wasn’t that Grey wasn’t  thrilled for them; God knew it took long enough to get together, and they were clearly mean for each other. But the thought of knowing he would soon only ever be “Uncle Grey” had him announcing he needed some time away from work and that he planned to go out of town; at least that was the story he told everyone. He had decided to stay in his comfortable home with his comfortable bed and his comfortable routine. To avoid unannounced visitors like Isys, or any other “well-meaning” persons, the official story was that he was going out of town. Isys’s round of 21 questions over the phone almost had him relenting. Later that day, one of his business associates burst into the office and announced her engagement. Grey made a quick phone call to his sister, told her he would stay in phone contact, handed over his “overly necessary two-weeks leave of absence” to his  boss and went to the his safe haven…home!

That was yesterday. Valentine’s Day, for Christ’s sake. How lovely hiding away at home had looked in Grey’s mind, yesterday. At least now he understood why Isys felt she could have invited Morgan to use his bathroom…she had expected no one to be home.

Grey rolled over in bed, cursing his inability to sleep. He knew damn well what was keeping him awake too: his behaviour with Morgan after dinner. Damn it, Grey didn’t know what the hell had gotten into him to start grilling the man so hard in the kitchen. Morgan was just trying to have a perfectly nice conversation, and Grey had to go turn it into the third degree. He might as well have shone a bright light on the man and read him his rights. He knew when his sister found out, she’d have his head for being such a bastard. If Grey had acted like that at work, he’d be out of a job by now. Nevertheless, while sitting across from Morgan in the kitchen, deep-seated warning bells vibrated loudly through Grey’s insides. On instinct, he had turned the conversation around onto the asker. Never give anyone anything concrete from you until you get what you want first. Grey had achieved great success in high school, college, and business by staying true to those words. But Morgan wasn’t any of those things so why had he gone off on the deep end?

One reason and one reason only stirred in Grey’s mind to explain: He didn’t really know how to converse with people anymore when it didn’t relate to work. Other than his sister and Vimal, everyone else in Grey’s life had ties to his work. Grey could turn on the work-schmooze on instinct. Until his conversation with Morgan, he hadn’t realized just how rusty his social skills had become. He snorted at the thought. Maybe sharing his house with Morgan wouldn’t be such a bad thing. He could practice banal, meaningless talk and sharpen his skills. He used to be pretty damn good at nonsense conversation. If he didn’t have a bunch of crap at the ready for when he had gone out on dates before becoming celibate three years ago, he wouldn’t have made it through any one of those painful dates alive. After the disaster of this last relationship, Grey reminded himself that he had sworn off relationships for good. Since the women he had gone out with so far didn’t crank his carburettor, he had gotten very acquainted with his left hand over the last three years.

Grey then thought of another reason, maybe he was just worried about being away from work. After all he wasn’t used to being away from work, but today he had quickly, and without planning, taken himself out of his routine. That had to be why he couldn’t sleep. Maybe if he just checked his email, he could satisfy himself that everything work-related was going on fine without him. Perhaps then he could let himself relax enough to get some much needed rest.

Crawling out of bed in only his boxers, Grey moved quietly into the hallway, not wanting to disturb his house guest. The guy had a fierceness to him, and while Grey’s instinct was to puff up even bigger and intimidate Morgan with his presence and intelligence, the fact was that Morgan could rearrange a person’s face and internal organs with a few quick punches.

He was in the process of making his way to the kitchen where he had left his laptop when the creak of a mattress spring drew Grey’s attention to the very man’s bedroom door which he found only half-closed. The squeaking sound came again, this time followed by a low rumbling moan. Curious, Grey moved silently towards in the direction of Morgan’s bedroom and, angling his shoulder into the wall, he slid a sideways glance into Morgan’s slightly dark bedroom.

Jesus Holy Christ!

The man was nude, and goddamnit, he was stunning. Grey swallowed hard at the picture the man created. The man was huge all over. Blunt angles on his face, muscular shoulders, defined stomach, and long hairy legs. Beyond that, what Grey kept darting his focus to time and time again as he tried to mentally process what he was watching, was Morgan’s big hand stroking his ever bigger, fully erect shaft. Morgan suddenly started pumping his cock faster through his tight fist of his hand, and his body writhed all over the bed in the way a person only lets happen when they know they are alone.

Shocked yet mesmerized, Grey watched Morgan slide his hand up his body and stick his fingers in his mouth, wet them, and rub them back and forth over his large hard nipples. His jaw practically hit the floor as he watched Morgan clamp his teeth together as he thrust his hips in the air, shooting a load onto his chest and neck, making half dozen milky lines on the bed as he did so. Without warning, the bedside lamp illuminated the room and Grey saw Morgan staring at him with evident surprise at having an audience. Grey also noticed that there was no revulsion or anger in Morgan’s eyes…in fact what he saw seemed very much like desire in Morgan’s eyes. Oh shit. He watched as Morgan stared at him and smiled ever so slightly in a knowing way. Grey followed Morgan’s gaze down to the length of him where his own painful erection was pulsating in his  boxers.

Realization dawned. Morgan was attracted to men. Even worse, Grey could see it in the man’s eyes: Morgan now knew that Grey was too.

Grey pulled every discipline he had ever taught himself and without flinching or blinking, schooled his featured to indifference and walked away. Never let them see you sweat.


Rain blasted in a thundering sheet against the front of the house stamping a relentless beat into the windows. The heaters were on but Morgan could not settle down. He knew why too.

Grey. The man sat on the couch with his laptop in hand as he kept on typing away, making a rhythm with the rain falling incessantly outside. Morgan’s mind drifted back to the morning after Grey had witnessed Morgan in his private moment.

They had hardly said a word to each other. Nearly running out of his mind, Morgan had kicked off the conversation after breakfast. “So are we going to talk about what happened last night?”
“It was my fault for peeking on you at that time of the night, I sincerely apologise. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.” Grey countered.
Oh no… the broom someone shoved up his ass all the way to his spine is back again, Morgan thought with a groan. Somehow, the answer he got from Grey left him more deflated than relieved.
“Yes?” Grey spoke the word with command, but in his head, it was a little more than a weak whisper. “What is it?”
“I need you to know I don’t do that kind of thing regularly, not when anyone is around anyway,”  his savage voice earnest. “Could you share something personal with me so I don’t feel like a stranger caught doing something intimate.”
Grey searched Morgan’s face and demeanour, looking for even the slightest sign of deception. He found none. “Just one thing?”
Nodding, Morgan said “Yes”.
“And you’ll give me something in return?” Grey pushed, needing something more.
Morgan nodded again sharply. “Agreed.”
Don’t do it!, Grey’s thoughts screamed. “I haven’t bottomed for anyone since my first experience and I made a promise that I never will.” Grey rushed through the confession that he could not believe came out of his mouth. “Now you.”
“I haven’t shared a bed with anyone in two years, and i hate sleeping alone” Morgan confessed.

That was a week ago. As Morgan looked at the raging rainstorm outside, he felt defeated. He had hoped to get out and clear his head. He sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere. He was stuck indoors with Mr Sexy-on-wheels…at least till the rain subsided. Morgan still couldn’t believe that Grey was gay. How else could he explain his hard-on while watching Morgan masturbate? Morgan couldn’t even bring himself to believe it actually happened. One minute he was naked in bed envisioning himself and none other than Grey. In his head, the picture of Grey’s beautiful body and the hard intensity of his face had materialised like a spectre in front of Morgan’s eyes. The image had turned more graphic as he saw himself stand, spread himself open, and beg Grey for the best time of his adult existence. In retrospect, Morgan knew he never bottomed…ever…but the thought of giving himself to Grey had seemed awesome at the time. Damn it was an awesome fantasy. No wonder he came so quick. Even now, Morgan couldn’t keep his cock down to save his life.

He stood by the window, forced himself to watch the rainstorm putting  on a show outside, and tried to ignore the silhouette of Grey he could see out of the corner of his eye. Damn the man was sexy; and Morgan hadn’t been with a man in over two years. He had done a lot of masturbation and women in that time and he had a handful of toys for when he craved feeling something inside him. Playing with himself satisfied the physical need for release, but it didn’t stop the craving for companionship. In truth, He has always known that he was more attracted to men than women, but the occasional female fatale had him lusting after some women too, few as they had been. He had made it a point of duty to always tell women this but it never stopped them from wanting him.

His attention strayed Grey’s way again. He latched his gaze onto the solid frame of the man, watching Grey as he focused so intensely on whatever project he had open on his laptop. Grey had his feet kicked up on the coffee table, his legs stretched out, covered in dark denim, his feet bare. the man looked sexy when he worked. Morgan rubbed one of his own bare feet against the other, his toes curling at the curious intimacy of them both, together, without shoes and socks. It made Morgan think he had every right to walk over to Grey, extricate the laptop from his hands, and sink into a deep, distracting kiss. His mobile phone rang, buzzing him out of his reverie.

“Hello? Hey …how’s it going?”

Grey looked at Morgan but said nothing

“Oh really? Yeah? That’s awesome! Thanks a million Noah. Thanks. you’re a real life saver.”

Any peace Grey had gotten from concentrating on work disappeared in a shot. Noah? Who the hell is Noah?

As Morgan got off the phone, Grey resumed his typing “Everything okay? Friend of yours?”

“Yeah…a friend who happens to be my plumber” Morgan answered.

Grey just barely stopped himself from visibly slumping against the couch in relief. He managed to keep the anger at himself for reacting so strongly hidden away too.

“He’s almost done with the repairs. Says he’ll be done in another day, two at the most, and then I can move back in.”

Grey sat up straight, this time not caring to hide Two days! Fuck Fuck Fuck. Grey had a feeling he would need at least a dozen to get this man out of his system. Of course, that depended on him getting Morgan into his system first.. “oh wow…that was fast” Forty-eight hours flashed in Grey’s head, the numbers ticking down like a clock on a bomb.

Christ, I’m wasting time, Morgan thought to himself. He may have told Noah that he was a life-saver but he felt like he was drowning in the presence of this man. A week had gone by  and he was still living in the shadow of what-if. He so badly wanted to touch and taste Grey but they had far too much distance between them right now to achieve his goal.

His gaze drifted Grey’s way again, and he took a step forward, even as he knew this guy was so, so wrong for him. As a took another step closer towards Grey, his body ached for the dark-skinned Adonis he wanted so badly to touch. Lightening struck and with it came a picture of Isys in his mind. What would she say if she found out he had made a move on her brother? The reality of just how much he was close to not giving a damn what the consequences were had him dazed. He turned, rushing to the door. I have to get out of this place. Now!

Morgan threw open the door and a blast of wind and rain soaked his front before he took one step outside. He forged into the rain, letting the cold wash over him and cool his insides. Morgan made it halfway down the steps, almost to freedom, when a ruthless grip locked on his arm and jerked him into the step railing.

Morgan looked up into the rage of Grey’s face. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” Grey shouted, his voice barely registering above the noise of the pounding rain. “Its goddamned pouring.” Looking from Grey’s midnight complexion to his mesmerising eyes, that had turned greyish-silver, he  forced himself to believe he was feeling alive after such a long time because of the harsh elements around them and not this man’s bruising hold. Morgan could think of nothing but kissing Grey breathless and shoving his tongue into the warmth of his mouth.

Stifling a groan, Morgan pushed past Grey and down the steps. He called over his shoulder not daring to look back, “It’s just rain. it won’t hurt me, and if I get sick, I’ll deal with it.” He cold was barely helping the painful erection raging in his jeans to subside. “You go inside. I want to be out here.”

Grey shouted a curse and slammed into Morgan from behind, locking his arms around Morgan’s arms and chest. “Stop being an idiot and come back in.” Grey’s muscles contorted wildly against Morgan’s back and arms, surprising Morgan with his strength. Morgan had the extra height and the bulk, though and he ripped Grey off his body, whirling on him, his emotions playing too close to the surface to fully conceal. Morgan laid his eyes on the hard set of Grey’s face, and on the way his body heaved with laboured breathing. His soaked shirt clung to his chest, exposing hard Pecs and tight ebony nipples. Morgan looked up and their gazes clashed, the heat so intense Morgan jerked with it, A rough noise escaped Grey right then, and that’s when Morgan glanced down. a thick bulge thrust hard against grey’s pants, giving him away.

Grey stared right back as Morgan’s cock, and figured him out too.

Morgan snaked his hand around his neck and pulled his head down. He looked up right into Grey’s eyes, internal nakedness swirling and showing through from him. “Please don’t make me do this. I don’t want this,” Morgan uttered, his voice stripped bare.

Christ, how Grey wanted this man. “Me either.” Grey sounded as if he were in agony.

Swearing above the pouring rain, they flew at each other in a furiously brutal kiss.

They never him standing in the dark shadows watching.


…To be Continued!

Soundtrack for Given to Grey: Inner Demons… IRIS by Goo Goo Dolls


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2 responses to “Given To Grey: Inner Demons.

  1. nuges

    May 9, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    The flow of the occurences have been gripping, giving me the reader a front seat feel in Greys apartment. The journey so far is typical with life itself, as there is only so much we can do to hide the truth, even worse trying to hide it from ourselves. I’m beyond excited to see how the dynamics of this relationship unravels, now that they’ve found and accepted themselves.

    • The Controvert

      May 10, 2013 at 7:46 PM

      Dear Nuges…
      I’m glad you’ve gotten an affinity for the unconventional. The idea behind the story is to put you in the room with them and feel the insane connection evident within the story…

      It gets alot better trust me….

      Keep reading 😉

      Your one and only….
      The Controvert!


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