Given to Grey: The Final Chapter

08 May


Breathing in, Grey finally said those three words that had scared the crap out of him for years. “I love you.” Grey mangled the words with the depth of his emotions, and he shook all over. “I–love–you.” Complete vulnerability rocked through him, and he turned away, terrified to let Morgan see such need in his eyes. the words just kept on spilling out, though, ones he had never spoken to anyone in this way before, “I love you, Morgan.”

Forcing confidence into his voice and heart, Grey decided to put himself on the line one more time for the man he loved and he finally said the words that had hunted him since their very first sexual encounter.”You have become my sickness and the cure to that sickness. It’s like I checked into rehab and baby you are my disease” What the hell am I saying? Did I just quote Rihanna?  “Damn it, I’m saying this all wrong.”  Grey’s voice scratched like hell, but he took three deep breaths and finally said it out loud. “I love you like a sickness and its cure together. You don’t have to love me back. I just want you to know that I love you and I want you to make love you me.” Breathing a little easier after his final confession, Grey added “Mark me, Morgan.”

Oh Christ. I did it. Grey buzzed inside and he felt unsteady. I really asked Morgan to mark me.”

Morgan stumbled to a halt and grabbed Grey by the neck, forcing his face up. The little-boy-lost look disappeared from Morgan’s eyes, and wide clear shock took its place. “What did you just say?”





Morgan stumbled to a halt and grabbed Grey by the neck, forcing his face up. The little-boy-lost look disappeared from Morgan’s eyes, and wide clear shock took its place. “What did you just say?”

“You heard me.” Grey slid his fingers up Morgan’s forearm and covered the hand Morgan had curled around his nape. He squeezed it gently but firmly and moved closer until their bodies touched. “You called me out on it before but I didn’t know it. You were right though. I want to feel someone inside me again.” He trembled saying the words. “And I want it to be you.”


“Ohhhhh, Gawd…” Morgan blew out an unsteady breath and his fingers clenched reflexively around Grey’s neck. “I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say that to me.”

Grey smiled “What? That I want you to inside me?”

“No…well yes, that too. But I never thought I’d ever hear you say you love me.” Morgan said. “And you want me inside you? Are you sure?” Morgan questioned.

A frisson of panic raced through Grey, and words just started shooting out of his mouth. “Yes. I definitely want you inside me, but let me suck you off first.” Reaching between them, Grey worked the button and zipper on Morgan’s jeans, his nerves running the show. “Tasting you in my mouth makes me fantasize about having you in my ass.” He rubbed his hand down Morgan’s already thickening shaft, and his mouth watered.

Moaning, Morgan tore off his jacket and ripped open his shirt to hang along his elbow, revealing a line of dark hair on hard flesh that stopped at the white band of his underwear.

“We don’t have to… ahh, yeah, harder.” Morgan covered Grey’s hand and ground them both into his erection. “Just like that.” He let go of Grey’s neck and braced on the doorframe. “Do you…” Morgan paused, hissing as Grey pulled his length out of the top of his underwear and teased the tip. Shaking his head, Morgan lifted his attention to Grey’s face, and gritted his teeth. “Hold on for a minute.” He stilled Grey’s hand, his eyes softening.

“No way” Grey couldn’t tolerate slowing down or stopping now. He vibrated with need and couldn’t risk grinding his arousal to a halt. “I wanted to taste you the very first time I saw you shirtless.” Grey peeled Morgan’s coat and shirt off his shoulders, revealing more beautiful muscle than should be legal. “Of course, that time,” he dipped down and tongued one of Morgan’s nipples, flicking the tip, “in my mind, I started with licking your back and worked my way down to your ass.” With that confession, Grey opened his mouth and bit into Morgan’s pectoral muscle, sinking his teeth in hard enough to sting.

“Oh yeah…” Morgan hissed and stumbled back into the wall, dragging Grey with him. He forced Grey’s face harder into his chest. “Do that again.” He speared his fingers into Grey’s back and dug into Grey’s flesh as he bowed his back off the wall. “Leave your mark on me.”

Emboldened, Grey’s cock raged in his jeans. He bore down on Morgan’s chest again, the act of biting arousing the hell out of him. Grey had never cared for biting as foreplay before, but with Morgan, he wanted to leave visible signs of aggression all over the man’s amazing body.

Going for Morgan’s nipple, Grey latched on and sucked, pulling the slightly raised flesh into his mouth and licking it all over. The sharp salty taste of sweat covered his tongue, spurring Grey to bigger sweeps over Morgan’s chest, across to his other nipple, where he attacked with incredible suction. Morgan held Grey’s head tightly and made throaty little murmurs of encouragement, urging Grey to bite and suck and nuzzle, all while rhythmically stabbing his erection into Grey’s stomach and leaving smears of precum on Grey’s chest.

Grey looked up at Morgan through half closed lids as he kissed his way down the man’s flat, solid stomach. “Hold some of that excitement in till I get there.” He flicked his tongue into Morgan’s belly button, teasing the little indentation enough to make Morgan’s stomach quiver.

With eyes shot full of golden emeralds, Morgan breathed heavily and looked half drunk. “Take it quick.” He grabbed hold of his essence and held the rearing length out in offering. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold off coming.”

Lowering himself to his knees, Grey’s entire mouth tingled at the huge, thickly veined shaft jutting towards his face. the long slit held a pearly bead of seed, and Grey swore the entire beautiful length pulsed with a visible heartbeat. As Grey stared, mesmerized with wanting, the drop of precum grew and started to slide from the opening. Grey dipped his tongue out and caught it, teasing the saltiness of man over his taste buds as the tip of his tongue grazed Morgan’s hilt.

A tremor rocked through Morgan, and he pushed the head of his shaft at the seam of Grey’s lips. “Please,” Morgan released his lock hold on Grey’s shoulder blade and folded his arms over his head against the wall, looking almost erotically angelic, “make me come.”

Undeniable longing and fire combusted inside Grey, his need for this man engulfed him in flames, consuming him whole. He growled and opened up over Morgan’s straining erection, stuffing the entire length into his mouth in one wide push, his throat already naturally relaxing to take the extra size. Hot, throbbing life took over every bit of space in Grey’s mouth; musky male smells invaded his nostrils and seeped into his bloodstream, and rough, needful noises from Morgan had Grey bobbing up and down the man’s burning thickness, voracious for every taste he could get.

Grey shoved his hands between Morgan’s thighs and massaged his weighty, cum-filled balls, alternating between rolling and tugging on the lightly furred sac. Morgan groaned from above, his eyelids sliding closed as Grey tormented his sensitized testicles. Morgan squirmed as Grey sucked him deep down; he moved his backside so frantically he was sure he had scraped his bare ass raw with every swipe of his buttocks against the rough plaster of the wall.

Morgan’s inability to remain still or silent fed Grey’s desire to let everything loose with this man and scream “Bring it on…I love you,” in the face of the disastrous emotional consequences. Grey let go of Morgan’s balls and grabbed hold of his hips with both hands, sinking his fingers deep into Morgan’s steely flesh, hard enough to create bruises. The thought of leaving even more evidence of his presence on Morgan drew a growl of ownership up through Grey, and the tangible, audible need vibrated over Morgan’s shaft buried deep in Grey’s mouth.

“Oh yeah … yeah.” Morgan bucked his hips at Grey’s face, the power behind his thrusts nearly strong enough to dislodge Grey’s hold. “So … ahhh,” he pounded his fists into the wall above his head, “fucking close.”

Grey’s confidence grew harder and harder with every open, visible response out of Morgan. His cock and ass pulsed with the need to come, but he ignored the desire to touch himself, caring only about the man before him. He went down on Morgan’s length again. As he did, he slid the flat of his tongue along the underside of Morgan’s cock and forced the top half against the roof of his mouth. Precum leaked out of Morgan and dripped near Grey’s throat, giving torturously wonderful hints of the flood trapped in Morgan’s balls. Grey got Morgan to the back of his mouth and then went right on going, pushing the mushroom head down his throat … and then a little bit more. When he could take no more, Grey swallowed. Once, twice…

Morgan roared on the third swallow, his entire body locking straight. A split second later, he pulled back and took hold of his length, pumping his saliva-covered self with his fist as he spurted a load of seed all over Grey’s tongue. Grey held onto Morgan’s hips and kept his mouth open to take this man’s spunk, eagerly accepting every thick line of bittersweet ejaculate Morgan gave to him and lapped it up like a dog getting its first taste of water in a week. Eventually, the last drop fell. After Grey swallowed it down, he wiggled the tip of his tongue into Morgan’s slit, making sure there was nothing left to drink. Morgan shivered, but he was sucked dry and not another drizzle of semen leaked out of his dwindling erection.

All right, Grey. Do it now, before you chicken out.

Grey looked at Morgan’s shaft, still well above average, even without a raging hard-on. Gulping silently, Grey shot to his feet and backed up as he looked to Morgan and then darted his focus away. “So where do you want me?” Grey jumped to a sitting position on the counter and said “I’m good here if that’s okay with you.”

Morgan stuffed himself back into his underwear and jeans, and moved across the kitchen easily. He wrapped his hand around Grey’s ankle and dragged him back to the edge of the kitchen counter. “I’m not going to take you on a kitchen counter, cuteness.” Morgan flashed one of his quick smiles, and Grey didn’t know if his heart sped up for the smile or the endearment. Before Grey could decide, Morgan lifted Grey’s focus to his, holding him in a deadlock gaze. “At least, not the first time.” He pressed a ridiculously sweet kiss to Grey’s forehead that almost had him crying like an infant. “Now put your legs around me.” Morgan wrapped one arm around Grey’s back and slid the other down to his ass as he started to walk. “Hold on tight. I’m taking you to bed.”



His heart pumping fast enough to make his entire body quake, Grey stared down to where Morgan kneeled at the foot of the bed. Already naked as the day God put him on earth, Morgan slid his gaze up Grey’s body, his eyes wide as if he had never seen Grey before; Grey shivered at the exposure, feeling almost as it this was the first time Morgan had looked upon his naked body.

Morgan raised a brow. “Cold?” Shifting, he crawled towards Grey and settled right on top of him, wiggling into the space between Grey’s spread legs. “Do you need a hot , live blanket to keep you warm?”

“Yes please.” Grey pulled Morgan down kissing him again and again, fast and hard as he wrapped his legs around Morgan’s waist. He grabbed the lube Morgan had thrown on the bed and tried to shove it into his lover’s hand. “Now mark me.” His voice sounded a little stripped and high to his own ears. “Please.”

Stilling Grey’s hand, Morgan broke the kiss, pulled back, and looked into Grey’s eyes. “Darling,” intensity and softness somehow merged in the slate depths of Morgan’s gaze and found its way right into Grey’s soul, “if you think I’m going to start and end this by shoving myself into you, then you don’t know me very well yet.”

I want to work like hell to give you pleasure before I take you. Morgan’s words from only last week flashed in Grey’s mind, and Grey felt like someone splashed icy water over his burning hot body.

“It’s okay. you can do me right now.” Grey rolled over under Morgan and thrust his ass against the man’s erection. Morgan’s length stirred against Grey’s crease, and Grey’s channel contracted tight enough to turn coals into diamonds. At the same time, a place deep inside him screamed for Morgan to force him open and fill him to the brim. “I promise I want you inside me.”

“Yeah.” Morgan chuckled and nipped Grey’s earlobe. “You really feel like you’re all relaxed and ready for it.” He slipped his tongue into Grey’s ear and sexed it up, but occasionally pulled back and swirled around the shell, stopping ever so often to blow the wet skin dry. Grey trembled with the cool torment, and Morgan whispered against his ear, “You’ll be shaking like that and begging for more by the time I take you. I won’t go an inch into you a second before I know you’re gagging for it just as much as I am.”

Grey sank a little bit deeper into the mattress as the tightness knotting his core loosened a little. “I think you just got me a little closer.”

“Good.” Morgan eased down and nibbled on Grey’s shoulder. “Let’s see how much fun I can have with you before I get you all the way there.”

Grey felt Morgan’s lips turn up into a smile against his nape, and Grey had to bite his cheek to keep from grinning as well. Grey’s rectum still clenched involuntarily with every brush of Morgan’s essence against his buttocks, but his shaft responded to every brush of Morgan’s mouth or fingers over his back too, as if fighting to prove his body wanted this as much as it feared it. It was up to Grey’s mind to override the fear and let his desire for Morgan win the battle.

Morgan stopped planting kisses about a third of the way down Grey’s spine. “You’re tightening up on me again, darling.” He pressed the flat of his palms down on Grey’s sides and poked at his waist and hips, making Grey laugh and squirm against the tickly sensation. “There you go.” Morgan pushed a hand under Grey’s body and stroked his rapidly growing erection. “Stop thinking so much and just let me help you enjoy yourself.” He trapped the head of Grey’s manhood against the mattress and created a snug cocoon between the bed and his hand.

“Not an easy request of a man like me. Ohhhh, damn, damn…” Morgan teased the tip of Grey’s shaft and a thrilling little noise escaped Grey as a shiver of delight ran down his spine. Out of his control, Grey circled his hips and started humping the little cavern of Morgan’s cupped hand, half slipping back into adolescence when he first became curious about the many things he could do with his person to make himself come.

“Yeah, that’s it. Don’t stop.” Morgan picked right back up dipping his tongue down Grey’s spine leaving a wet trail of shivery flesh in his wake. He knead Grey’s hip with one hand, and the other remained trapped beneath Grey’s body, a temporary place for Grey to pump himself.

Perspiration began to break out in a thin film over Grey’s flesh, but even the heat pouring off his body as it mixed with the chill in the air had no power to put a damper on his quickly growing arousal. Morgan murmured incoherent words of appreciation into Grey’s skin. With every noise Morgan made, he took bigger sweeps with his tongue across some point of Grey’s back, licking up every salty droplet of sweat as it formed on Grey’s skin.

Grey loved that Morgan seemed to want every bit of offering his body had to give, no matter how insignificant. The unabashed enthusiasm pushed Grey’s excitement to higher and higher levels, and soon he shoved himself up to his knees and thrust his ass high in the air, dislodging Morgan from his back and his hand from Grey’s erection.

Suddenly, big strong hands smacked Grey’s buttocks and then gripped his ass cheeks, splitting his crack open. “Oh Gawd.” Reverence filled Morgan’s voice. A spitting sound reached Grey’s ears just as a dousing of liquid coated his asshole. “Pure perfection.” Morgan whistled and Grey squeezed his eyes shut, preparing himself for the pain. Instead, the softest whisper of nubby wetness flicked over his ring, jolting right through Grey in a rolling wave of pleasure.

Oh Christ. It was Morgan’s tongue rimming his ass.

Grey whimpered, and his telescope somehow throbbed more and got even harder. Painfully so.

“Mmmm…” Morgan’s moan vibrated against Grey’s asshole, and the sensation rippled up Grey’s passage, making his channel flutter rather than squeeze in abject terror. Morgan quickly laved the flat of his tongue from Grey’s perineum all the way up to the cleft and back, tasting Grey everywhere.

The mental image, along with the beautiful torment of Morgan’s mouth and tongue all around and almost in his ass, sent Grey into a tailspin and had him grabbing for his shaft. Grey jerked himself off, feeling wildly out of control but powerless to rip his hand away from himself or crawl away from this man and back to a place of safety. His erection burned from the rough handling he delivered to it, but Grey felt almost like a puppet whose strings were at the mercy of someone other than himself.

At Morgan’s mercy

At the command of Morgan’s tongue.

At the will of Morgan’s bruising fingers that held Grey wide open so his talented lips and tongue could suck and eat deliciously at Grey’s pucker, relaxing his entrance so goddamned much Grey swore Morgan could get a fist inside him without Grey so much as flinching.

Grey beat at his shaft relentlessly, the hardness within him screaming for release. “Now,” Grey said. His mouth hung open against the pillow as he struggled to breathe through too many exquisite pleasures attacking his strung-tight body at once. “Oh fuck, Morgan,” Grey pushed his ass into the man’s face, “give it to me now.”

Morgan surged over Grey in a flash and dug his hand into Grey’s shoulder blade, yanking him back until their gazes clashed. Morgan pulled them both up to their knees, stinging the hell out of Grey’s shoulders. Morgan tucked his knees in between Grey’s spread thighs. Then he smashed his mouth against Grey’s and forced his way inside. As he kissed the breath out of Grey, he uttered into Grey’s mouth. “Now.”

A sizzle of pleasure tickled over Grey’s hole, and then, a flash of hot burning. With one stabbing pierce of Grey’s teased ring, Morgan’s finger slipped inside Grey’s ass. Grey bit Morgan’s lips as his entrance and channel closed in around Morgan’s finger, flashing panic and discomfort in his rectum. Even though he had allowed Morgan’s fingers in his channel moments ago in the kitchen, his adrenaline level had mixed with his longing for Morgan and he had loved the feeling. Now, his ass still felt the after-burn from the kitchen invasion earlier on, and Morgan’s finger currently invading his ring again only reminded him how good it felt…and how painful it was. Morgan finished pushing his finger all the way inside, but didn’t move. “Kiss me Grey.” He brushed his mouth over Grey’s, and the coppery tinge of blood reached Grey’s tongue. “Kiss me like you don’t care about anything else but getting me to kiss you back.”

With his torso half turned, Grey hooked his arm around the neck of the man he loved and held their faces blurrily close. “I always want more from you,” he confessed. He then closed his eyes and crushed his mouth to Morgan’s, afraid to know anything more than what was happening in exactly this moment.

Morgan met the force of Grey’s kiss and gave him equal rawness, the battle of taking and giving coursing tangibly through both men.

“Gawd,” Morgan murmured, making Grey feel it, “how you get to me.” He opened his mouth wide and became almost violent, and at the same time eased his finger out of Grey’s ass, holding at the ring, and then pushed it all the way back inside.

A shock of deep-seated physical joy spiked up and down Grey’s spine and raced to his toes, forcing his eyes open and his hand back down to his manhood. Through the haze of their proximity, Grey watched Morgan’s eyes deepen to charcoal as he pulled out and penetrated Grey’s ass again, to a burgeoning quiver of delight in Grey’s passage.

Grey’s cock had remained hard through every second on this bed with Morgan. With the third slide of Morgan’s finger into his ass, Grey dragged his hand up and down his length in time with the other man’s pushing in and out of his channel, the small pain now mingling and becoming part of Grey’s pleasure.

Just when a hint of arrogance hit Grey, making him think he could do this forever, a flash of confidence cleared the haze in Morgan’s eyes, and he whispered seductively, “Now I’m going to make you come.” He forced another finger into Grey’s ass. Grey gasped, but before he could fully process the added thickness, Morgan crooked his fingers, rubbed right over Grey’s sweet spot … and like a switch, sent Grey straight into the heavens.

“Ahh … ahhh…” Grey jerked at the fierce concentration of pleasure. The coil in his belly compressed tightly and then released, shooting orgasm throughout every inch of his body. Morgan’s two fingers seemed to hold down a button inside Grey that demanded total submission of his very being, and Grey had no ability or desire to fight it. He whipped his hand over his shaft, shouting hoarsely as he spewed cum all over the bed, giving Morgan the physical proof of his release. At the same time, a pinball-like sensation zinged back and forth and up and down over every inch of Grey’s insides, leaving tag after tag of physical pleasure in its wake. A convulsion ripped through his body, leaving him awestruck, sated, then exhausted, one right after the other.

Eventually, Morgan eased his torment of Grey’s ass and gently withdrew his fingers, leaving one more shiver at the empty sensation in Grey’s anus. Grey’s legs trembled and he let himself fall face first to the bed. His breathing was still erratic, but he forced himself to roll over and find Morgan in the first shadows of early evening.

A half smile quirked Morgan’s kiss swollen mouth. “Haven’t touched your prostate in so long you’d forgotten how insane it feels, hadn’t you?” He crawled over Grey and straddled his stomach, his erection looming and unmistakable, big with wanting. “I’m guessing by what just happened,” his focus slid briefly to the semen dampening the bedding, “you won’t forget again for a very long time.”

His attention dropping to Morgan’s rearing shaft, Grey swallowed. Then his ass pulsed with eagerness for more, and Grey breathed a silent sigh of relief. “Give me a minute to recover, and you can show me again right away.” Reaching out, Grey started at the root and slid his finger up the length of Morgan.

Morgan covered Grey’s finger, stopping him mid-stroke. Grey looked up, and as if Morgan had been waiting for him, he said, “You took one finger wonderfully, briefly dealt with two, and Gawd,” his eyes darkened and his voice thickened, “I loved seeing it and feeling you squeeze me inside. But you’re not quite ready for the man downstairs.”

For a few seconds, Grey’s heart stopped beating. “What?”

“First,” Morgan braced one hand on Grey’s chest and leaned over him, reaching for the bag he had brought with him from the very first night he came to stay at Grey’s, “we’re going to play a little bit more. With this.” His hand came out of his bag pack with a black butt plug.

A big one.


A butt plug?

Grey quaked inside as he stared at the thing Morgan held in his hand. It wasn’t so much the size, although Christ, the width of the lower half was enough to break his upper lip out into a sweat. It was the very object itself. Playing with sex toys struck Grey as so extremely personal, and as something a person should do alone. The way a piece of plastic, silicone, metal… whatever, looked stuffed inside the body, and the way a person moved and reacted to the sensations a toy created--because they were used to being themselves while they used them–sent Grey’s heart racing at triple speed and turned his mouth dry.

Morgan crawled off Grey and reached into the bag again. In the split second Grey’s mind raced with his panicked thought, Morgan pulled out a bullet and slipped it into the base of the butt plug.

The addition of vibration. In his ass. With Morgan watching him take it.

Oh Christ.

Grey blew out a long, slow breath, silently counting to ten in English, Italian, Yoruba, Japanese and Swahili, and reminded himself he could get through this–for Morgan. “Okay.” He hooked his arms under his knees and spread himself open, offering Morgan his tingly self. “Give it to me.”

Morgan’s eyes twinkled with the various shades of the moon. then he looked over the position of Grey’s legs and they flashed with the start of a storm. “I will give it to you.” Morgan pried Grey’s arms out from under his knees and lowered his legs back to the bed. Climbing on top of Grey, plug still in hand, Morgan forced Grey’s legs straight down, trapped them within his, and squeezed. “You’ll get it when you’re ready and not a second before. Same with little– or not-so-little– Morgan,” he added with twinkling eyes. Morgan rubbed his length against the tightly closed V of Grey’s thighs, leaving streaks of early ejaculate on Grey’s skin. “Remember, not until you are screaming for it.” he finished. Dipping down, Morgan brushed a kiss over Grey’s lips, teasing them with his tongue as he glanced up and found Grey’s gaze again. “And you will.” He winked. “Scream for it, I mean.”

Lifting himself up into a one-armed push-up stance, Morgan drew a line with the tip of the butt plug over Grey’s forehead, cheeks, and nose, stopping it against his mouth. “I’ve never used this on or with another person before; only by myself.” The rounded tip danced slowly back and forth over the seam of Grey’s lips. “Suck it.” Morgan’s focus dropped to Grey’s mouth. As it did, his pupils flared, and his erection swelled with burning heat against Grey’s thigh. “Take it and get it all nice and wet for me.”

Morgan’s obvious excitement stroked the cooling embers inside Grey, sparking the hidden fire alive under his skin. He opened his mouth and accepted the first inch of the plug, wanting for himself whatever would arouse Morgan the most. The unnatural, but not unpleasant taste of silicone covered Grey’s tongue as Morgan pushed more of the toy past his lips, a faint hint of the artificial material filled his nose too. Morgan kept feeding the toy to him, and Grey struggled only a little bit to fit the widest part into his mouth, realizing the plug wasn’t quite as big as he’d thought when it was first pulled out of the bag. Grey’s lips eventually closed in around the smallest part near the base; the entire plug filled his mouth, making his jaw stretch a little, but not hurt.

“Holy shit.”Morgan dropped to his elbows and ground himself against Grey’s legs, digging his rigid length between Grey’s closed thighs. Grunting, Morgan pulled the toy out of Grey’s mouth about halfway and licked in a circle around where the toy emerged from Grey’s lips, joining in the base, raw act. He shoved the toy back in and whispered, “You look so bloody hot.” The mercury in Morgan’s eyes burned like the hottest of flames. “You might make me come when I see this thing in your ass.”

Crap. Grey wanted nothing more than to make Morgan come. He accepted the toy fucking his mouth with greater enthusiasm, licking all over it and tangling with Morgan’s tongue when the man dipped down and joined in the anointing of the butt plug. Grey wanted Morgan to lose his shit all over the place; he wanted the man to spew with orgasm repeatedly, covering Grey with semen until no part of his skin was untouched. Grey squirmed under Morgan and scratched his blunt fingers down his lover’s back, grabbing Morgan’s ass and squishing their sticks together, begging without words that they ignite and their bodies become one.

Abruptly, Morgan tore the plug from Grey’s aching mouth and swollen lips, biting Grey as their eyes found one another. Morgan didn’t say a word, but his wide pupils and erratic breathing did all the explaining Grey needed.

Oh yes. Grey had this man as close to the edge as he was.

Morgan buried his face in Grey’s neck and nuzzled his way down Grey’s chest. His cheeks, forehead, lips, nose, and even the top of his head touched all over Grey’s heated flesh as he worked his way down to little Grey, the butt plug still in his hand.

Reaching his goal, Morgan finally pushed Grey’s legs apart and stuck his face into Grey’s sac. A wonderful noise rumbled through him as he inhaled. “Gawd, you smell like great sex on a warm spring day. I want you outside one day.” Morgan glanced up as he dropped the plug and picked up the lube, clicking open the cap. “Hard and deep. Right up against a tree.”

Grey wanted to promise that Morgan could have him wherever and whenever he wanted, but right then Morgan rubbed cool lubricant over his sensitised hole, stealing any thought that didn’t involve on his ass. With his entire body tingling, Grey stared, fascinated, through half-closed eyes as Morgan fingered his rim, miraculously relaxing the small muscle, then pushed his finger inside.

Shit. Grey burned with wanting all over, and his entrance blossomed like a goddamned flower, allowing Morgan’s entire finger to slip deep, past the second knuckle. Whimpering, Grey  spread his legs more and lifted his hips, forcing friction over his anal walls, although damn, the gentle sensations wasn’t nearly enough to suit the clutching need for more taking place in his ass.

He could not believe how much he wanted–ached–for Morgan to claim him sexually.

“Look at how fucking hard you are,” Morgan said, his gaze fully on Grey’s straining cock. He kept up the small pumping of his finger in Grey’s passage but leaned over Grey’s dick and licked the leaking tip, teasing Grey even more. “I knew you would be.” He suckled the head of Grey’s shaft, swirling his tongue around it like it was a lollypop. At the same time, he finger-fucked Grey’s ass with an ever increasing speed, something that sent Grey’s channel into a flurry of shivery responses, each trembling reaching farther into the extremities of his body.

“More.” Grey moaned and lifted one leg high and wide, panting heavily as he searched for as much visual and tactile access as he could get. He shoved his other hand between his legs and grabbed for his balls, tugging on himself to add to the pain and pleasure. He looked to Morgan, knowing full well  that every open, raw desire shone bright in his eyes. “Give me more.”

In a flash, Morgan withdrew his finger and replaced it with the tip of the butt plug, easily sliding the tip into Grey’s opening. Grey watched Morgan push the top part of the black object into his ass, each increment widening his hole with toe curling, incredible torment and filling his anus on the other side. With more than half of the plug buried in his rectum, stuffing him so good, Morgan’s attempt to push the rest of the toy into Grey’s squeezing tunnel had Grey gasping and clutching the bedclothes in his hand, pain suddenly locking his muscles tight.

Morgan looked up, his sooty eyes locking on Grey. “Gawd, you’re taking it so damn beautifully.” He parted two fingers and rubbed them over Grey’s stretched ring, somehow easing the tension and flash of fear that temporarily assaulted Grey. “Keep bearing down, darling.” Morgan dipped down and licked a line up the length of Grey’s still hard shaft, making it jump and drip precum onto his belly. “Let me get it all in.” Morgan opened up over Grey’s shaft and took more than half in his mouth, sucking him so damn hard Grey bucked and cried out. Right then, Morgan shoved the rest of the butt plug into Grey’s ass.

“Ahhh!” Grey’s entire being went up in flames. “Good … oh fuck,” Grey somehow pulled his leg up even higher and wider, “So good.” Morgan stayed right with every twist of Grey’s body, and Grey simultaneously fought and reached for the mind-blowing pleasure Morgan offered him with this intimate act.

Grey groaned long and low as Morgan dragged his mouth up and down Grey’s cock and pulled the toy out of Grey’s ass, only to force it back inside in one fast thrust, spinning Grey’s confused nerve-endings into a frenzy. Morgan withdrew the toy again, leaving Grey’s ass open and greedy for something to fill it. The toy didn’t take him again, so Grey looked at Morgan though lust-blurred eyes and found the man staring up at him, emeralds piercing the blur clear as day.

Morgan swirled his tongue around Grey’s raging erection, made him sweat, but then let the length slip from his mouth. “Ask me.” He nibbled on the head of Grey’s sensitized shaft. “Tell me you want it inside you again.”

Grey didn’t know how much more pleasure his body would withstand. “Please.” His body hummed as if his nerves were a series of exposed live wires. “Please, give it to me.”

Morgan smiled against Grey’s erection and eased the plug back into Grey’s hole with excruciating slowness, turning it so that it caressed his walls as it filled his ass again. Then Morgan pushed the base, the bullet started, and vibrations consumed Grey’s passage in crushing waves.

“Mnn … ohh … ohh, Gawd.” Grey jerked, his upper body shifting to the side as he battled the extreme delight the plug claimed in his ass, strong vibrations coursing through his channel and into his body. Morgan was relentless, though and continued to plough Grey with the butt plug, sliding the vibrating toy in and out of his quivering pucker to Grey’s moans and writhing for more. As if Grey wasn’t already close to moaning the house down and wanting to scratch his fingers down a wall and tear it up, Morgan went back down on Grey’s telescope and sucked him off like he’d never have the chance to do it again.

Half on his side with his elbow hooked under his leg and pulled to his chest, Grey arched his back and tried to jam his ass down on the plug with every deep thrust from Morgan’s capable hand. “Don’t stop,” Grey ordered recklessly, “Please done stop.” Barely able to hold his head up so he could see, Grey somehow managed to grab Morgan’s hair and hold the man’s face to his crotch, frantic not to lose the most enthusiastic blowjob he’d ever been given in his life.

Pure pleasure surrounded Grey in a furnace of sweltering proportions, one from which he could not escape. Every twitch of muscle and every small pant of breath he took brought Grey into deeper contact with either toy in his rectum or the mouth wrapped fully around his straining shaft.

Sweat poured off his body, dropping down from his hairline and stinging his eyes, but he just blinked it away, never taking his attention from the vision of raw sexuality Morgan delivered to his body.

Morgan reached up, dislodged Grey’s fingers from his scalp, and trapped his palm firmly on the bed. Grey curled his hand into a fist and grabbed hold of the blanket just as Morgan moved from Grey’s cock to his balls and stuffed the weighty sac into his mouth, pulling it hard against his throat. Grey’s mouth dropped open at the incredible suction, and he snapped his eyes closed, fighting the shooting lines of joy zinging from his shaft, balls, and ass, into his belly and up his spine.

“Too much…” Grey gasped, struggling for his very breath. “Ohh, fuck, it’s too much.”

Morgan ignored him and wrapped his hand around Grey’s erection, giving him one hard pull while he sucked Grey’s nuts and twisted the plug in his ass, and Grey could not hold off the inevitable anymore.

“Ahhhhhh … ahhh!” Grey convulsed in sharp jerking waves, shouting Morgan’s name loud enough to damage his vocal cords, and let every neighbour hear him.

Orgasm tore through Grey and shot up his cock as he came. Morgan ripped the butt plug out of Grey’s ass only seconds after Grey spewed, leaving Grey’s channel and hole clutching for something to hold. Morgan released Grey’s sac from the prison of his mouth and reared up to Grey’s stomach, lapping up Grey’s cum with big sweeps, licking up every little bit of seed. While eating Grey’s ejaculate, Morgan reached between Grey’s cheeks and rubbed his fingers over Grey’s pulsing entrance, settling the confused muscle back into place.

Closing him up.

Without actually making love to him.

Grey blinked, plummeting at the emptiness in his ass… and heart. “What?” His leg fell to the bed with a thud, but he hardly felt the sting of returning circulation. Grey found Morgan’s gaze, and his head reared back as Morgan sleekly crawled up his chest. “Why–”

Morgan covered Grey’s mouth, keeping him quiet until he lay between Grey’s legs. “You needed to know you could love it.” He took his hand away and brushed a light kiss over Grey’s lips. “For this.” Holding Grey’s gaze, Morgan took a second to reach between them. He fitted the head of his shaft to Grey’s asshole, pushing just the tip inside. Grey gasped, and Morgan gritted his teeth. Morgan shook his head, let go of his cock, and linked his hand to Grey’s on the bed. “Hold on.” He twined their fingers together on either side of Grey’s head, looked right into Grey’s eyes, and sank his essence deep into Grey’s ass.

“Ohhh.” Grey bucked, and a rough, moaning emerged through the tightness in his throat, making him sound like an injured animal. “Morgan … Morgan.” He had never felt more full or taken by another person’s body, or more connected to one either. Grey’s jaw dropped open, emotions choking him into speechlessness right where he lay, trapped by another man on him, inside him, reaching into what felt like Grey’s most secret soul. Morgan’s shaft sat all the way inside Grey’s body, not moving, but Grey swore he could feel the steady beat of Morgan’s heart pulsing through the man’s erection; Morgan’s life force pinned Grey prisoner right to the bed.

Most terrifying of all, Grey didn’t want to escape the hold. He grabbed Morgan’s hands and held on, knowing that no finger or butt plug could have prepared him for intimacy like this.

Morgan shifted on top of Grey, and somehow lodged his erection a little bit deeper inside Grey’s ass. Grey jolted, and Morgan did too. Desire clouded Morgan’s eyes as his forehead dropped to Grey’s. “Tell me you’re okay,” he whispered roughly.

Grey’s channel clutched Morgan’s shaft in a quick series of spasms, and Morgan hissed though clenched teeth.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” Morgan withdrew and penetrated Grey again, pushing all the way into his rippling passage. “You’re so goddamned hot and tight, I have to move.” Morgan seared his lips to Grey’s, Locking on in a clinging kiss, and started to move his hips, marking Grey … in exactly the way Grey fantasized in his most fevered dreams.

Letting go of every screaming voice in his head, Grey slashed his mouth over Morgan’s and kissed him back with everything in him, moaning as their tongues tangled in a fast dance. He’d never experienced a more pure, real moment in his life than this one right here, where adrenaline flooded him so completely that all barriers inside him washed away, leaving him open and raw.

It’s okay.” Grey tore his hands out from under Morgan’s and tunnelled them through the man’s hair, holding his face so close their foreheads, noses, and lips all touched. “Mark me, Morgan.” Grey pumped his hips up to meet the slide of Morgan’s thick, long essence, moaning with every claiming of his ass. “Don’t let me look away.”

Morgan clenched Grey’s face in a bruising hold, his fingers digging into Grey’s cheekbones and jaw. ” I won’t” He looked over Grey’s face, and uttered grutally, “You’re so devilishly beautiful.” His eyes turned pale, and he focused with such intensity as he mouthed “I love you Grey.” Grey shuddered.

“You…oh my God…No kidding…Me too” A suffocating band squeezed Grey’s chest, overwhelming him with untapped emotion. Unsure what to do of how to handle the amount of joy and love springing from every nerve ending in his body, he darted his tongue against the tip of Morgan’s again and again, their mouths open against one another as they struggled to breathe.

Grey held on tight, his thighs squeezing Morgan’s hips as his lower body strained and twisted frantically in a fevered fucking. Morgan picked up the pace, spearing his essence in lightning-fast strokes in and out of Grey’s abused, tender channel. This time, Grey welcomed the sweet pain of another man taking him, and even shifted his legs and locked them around Morgan’s hard waist, caring only about clinging to Morgan and thrusting his hips up for more of his incredible cock.

Morgan altered his angle and sawed right over Grey’s prostate, drawing a sharp cry from Grey and sending his rectum into a screeching series of contractions. For a split second, Morgan clenched his teeth and went stiff as a board. “Oh shit.” Grunting, he jerked and shoved himself even deeper inside, nailing Grey’s core right to the bed. “You do have an incredible ass.” He stole a series of hard, aggressive kisses and took over Grey’s swollen sensitive mouth. Speaking into him, Morgan’s voice was muffled and breathy. “Tell me I can have you again.” He thrust his tongue into Grey’s mouth and licked. “I want you again.”

Grey held Morgan’s face in the gentlest of holds, his heart exploding on the desperation in Morgan’s kiss. “Yes.” He kissed Morgan back, sharing one breath. “Yes.” He didn’t know how it happened, but his manhood filled with blood and raged a hard-on between their stomachs, aching once again. Breaking the kiss, their gazes found one another in the blur of closeness, locking in place. “Whenever you want.” Grey brushed his fingers over the hard lines of Morgan’s’ face. “Yes…now and forever.”

Morgan’s entire face changed; his eyes darkened, his skin pulled taut, stripping everything away to a place of open need. “Grey. ” Morgan bit his lip and pumped his hips, creating dark, wonderful friction again. “Grey,” he repeated, and lifted to his hands, separating their torsos. Morgan briefly looked down to the merging of their bodies. Grey did too, and they both trembled.

As if he couldn’t break an invincible line between them, Morgan brought his focus right back to Grey’s eyes and said his name again with glassy eyes. The chant almost became a whimper, Morgan’s face a twist of longing. “I–love–you–Grey.” He penetrated Grey’s ass one more time and froze, sweating, his mouth open.

Each invoking of his name tightened the coil inside Grey, stretching his nerved to the edge, he rubbed his thumb over the man’s half-open mouth. “I love you more Morgan.”

Morgan needed nothing more than that. One whisper of his name and he drove himself home balls-deep into Grey’s flaming ass, shouting Grey’s name once more, his voice stripped bare. His entire body jerked, and his muscles popped in stark beauty. His shaft swelled inside Grey, pushing with unbearable pleasure against Grey’s anal walls, making Grey cry out as Morgan cry-maxed, unloading burning hot cum into the farthest reached of Grey’s ass.

Scorching liquid branded Grey inside. Jet after jet of seed coated him with every burst of Morgan’s hips, painting a mental picture of being marked in a way Grey could never wash or remove.

In a way I don’t ever want to remove.

Grey surged up to Morgan, capturing his mouth in a violent, taking kiss, right as his body overtook his will and he came. Grey plastered his mouth to Morgan’s with an unforgiving roughness and dug his fingers deep into the hard muscles covering the man’s shoulders, holding on with everything in him as his essence pulsed and pumped seed between them, shooting a stream of ejaculate on his and Morgan’s stomachs that felt like nothing he’d ever spilled before.

There were still things they had to sort out but in that moment…everything was perfect! The logic in the madness that was their lives was going into a new stage and Grey welcomed it with arms wide open!

It felt right.

It felt perfect.

It felt like he was finally home.

He had come..He had conquered his fears….He had finally given himself to Morgan!

The End!


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4 responses to “Given to Grey: The Final Chapter

  1. nuges

    May 9, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    Like the bible says perfect love casts out fear! Its amazing the things love can make us succumb to. Its been a great journey and the climax much like the one Grey and Morgan enjoyed is incredible. Its been a wonderful destination to arrive at!

    • The Controvert

      October 14, 2013 at 8:58 AM

      Hi Nuges,

      Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  2. Jay

    May 13, 2013 at 8:58 AM

    Wow! ! ! perfect end to a controversial story. was worth reading even though at times i felt it was too graphic and personal. but still i read it 🙂

    • The Controvert

      May 16, 2013 at 4:34 PM

      Dear Jay…

      Glad you enjoyed it….

      I enjoy graphic work and I believe in unlocking the mind to all kinds of interpretations and orgasmis realities… Pet peeve and all. lol

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      Join me then for more of the crazies!


      Your one and only…
      The Controvert!


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