Given To Grey: The Tempest

08 May


The Tempest

The rain had no fury like the two men it scorched!

Fuck My Life, he’s so stunningly beautiful. Morgan couldn’t stamp down that destructive thought about Grey. Grey Kissed Morgan with brutal force, and Morgan welcomed it with an internal shout of pleasure.

His mouth was pried open with a rough clamp of Grey’s hand on his jaw, and Grey pushed his way inside to a frantic meeting of tongues. Morgan whimpered, melting on the silent pleas for satisfaction from Grey’s rough kisses; and sank right into his burning hot frame, letting Grey’s body heat act as a buffer from mother nature’s angry tears pouring all around them.

Grey slid a hand down Morgan’s back and grabbed his ass, holding Morgan’s left cheek firmly in his palm like his life depended on it…and right now, it kinda did. So far, Grey had lived his life on a regular high….most of the time getting exhilaration from being a workaholic. Only right now, at this very minute, he was trading up with one ‘high’ for another… substituting his excitement for work and replacing it with his literal excitement for the man in his arms: Work for Morgan!

Grey broke the kiss and came up for air. “Damn it to hell, I’ve never seen a man look so sexy in the rain, until now,” his eyes were full of shards of fiery silver. He angled Morgan’s head and stole another kiss, tangling tongues between gasps for air. “Jesus, I’ve tried my best to walk away…say ‘no’ but my body keeps saying yes in fourteen different languages” Grey licked Morgan’s lips, “tell me I can have you.” His eyes glittering with arousal, Grey whispered roughly, “I want you…I have wanted you since the moment I met you.” Grey never begged for anything. Then again, he had never felt he’d die from lusting after a man either. “Please” he sounded like his organs were being smouldered with sulphur. Grey looked directly at Morgan, and somehow found the man’s eyes through the storm. “Please tell me I can have you.”

Oh, God, I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t…Morgan looked at Grey, taking in every inch of his face in one fast second, and swore he saw agonized longing living in every stark line. Morgan trembled, and it had nothing to do with the cold. His erection sprung heavy, the cold rain bearing down on them no match for the heat coursing through his body. He touched his fingers over the unforgiving angle of Grey’s jaw; the man jerked and shivered. Oh holy hell! Morgan went shaky in his knees and he knew right then that he had his answer.

Smiling like he just won the bloody lottery, Morgan said “Quit acting like a wuss with the good-boy routine and have me already!” Ignoring every warning bell of common sense, Morgan crushed his lips to Grey’s and angled his head to the left, getting more access into Grey’s warm mouth. As the rain hit both their faces with an intensity that matched the fierce kiss, nothing else mattered but the both of them. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Morgan dragged Grey up the steps and slammed the door shut behind them with his feet; the force of his action near breaking the door down.

“Thank you.” Raw need edged Grey’s voice as his palms found its way underneath wet layers of fabric and grazed Morgan’s abdomen. “Thank you.” Grey scraped his mouth across Morgan’s, teasing the seam with darting licks from the tip of his tongue. They both went at each other with savagery, tongues duelling and teeth clinking into one another, licking and biting over entire faces, as they clutched each other’s heads in a bruising hold for more.

Needing to see Grey in all his glory, Morgan held on to the neckline of Grey’s rain-soaked t-shirt, near choking him. Still holding the neckline tight in his grip, Morgan leaned in and scraped his mouth across Grey’s. “I hope you don’t like this shirt anymore.” Before Grey could answer, Morgan tore at the fabric of Grey’s shirt and ripped it from top to bottom with an evil smile on his face. Feeling tipsy from the rush of his shirt being torn, Grey snatched Morgan’s left hand in a bruising hold, bit into the other man’s bottom lip; and through slit smoky eyes, he murmured “is that the best you’ve got?” Revealing his own dark snide smile, Grey grabbed Morgan’s other hand and forced it between their bodies, digging past his now-exposed chiselled six-pack stomach until he got Morgan’s palm on his family jewels. “Bring it on,” he dared Morgan. Certain that his pure need was open and visible for Grey to witness, Morgan clutched Grey’s jewels in a snug hold ”Oh my Gawd, yes,” Morgan said again, and yanked Grey to him, fusing their fronts together from mouth to manhood.

Every light brush of lips accompanied a few steps forward toward the living room and with their arms entangled and their legs getting crossed over one another, it might have looked like they were slow dancing to anyone who saw the pair. Feeling that Morgan was overdressed, Grey tore at Morgan’s wet shirt to get better access to the hard pecs that lay beneath it; sending a dozen buttons flying into the farthest recesses of the living room. Grey’s eyes widened in awe and muttered under his breath “Damn, I could study you for days!”, glorying in the feast of fit body revealed to his eyes. Morgan was far gone and done talking at this point. He needed action! He slid his arms around Grey’s back and slipped his fingers inside the waistband of his jeans, tugging him close. Their chests rose and fell in uneven falls with every shared breath they took and their kisses turned deeper and became more desperate.

Grey tore his lips away from Morgan’s and cursed in Italian, surprising Morgan. “What will I do with you? I don’t know how you do it but you go right to my head. I want to taste you, damn it, I need to taste every part of you.” Grey reached between their bodies and pulled at Morgan’s jeans yet again with another rough tug “You’ve got sexy jeans. They must feel like a second skin.” Grey grinned and continued “take it off before I tear it with my teeth!” Laughing with his eyes, Morgan pushed himself from Grey and shrugged out of his jeans easily. Grey followed suit with shaky hands. Damn it, why are my hands shaking? Grey couldn’t think about that right now. All he would let himself think about at the moment was being with Morgan…Inside Morgan. He knew he might regret it in the morning but right now, he was ready to go down with a bang… literally! With Morgan standing in his wet boxers, Grey moved closer and eagerly buried his hands beneath the flimsy fabric, earning a sultry moan from Morgan . “Oh yeah….that feels so good,” Emboldened by Morgan’s statement, Grey kissed Morgan fiercely; letting his tongue perform miracles in Morgan’s mouth while his hands wrecked irreparable havoc on the man’s shaft.

“Ohh, shit…” Morgan moaned against Grey’s lips and pushed out early seed, his erection swelling unbearably under the pressure of Grey’s concentrated touch. “Goddamnit.” Morgan shoved his underwear the rest of the way down so he could watch Grey fondle his aching need. Every inch of his body throbbed with wanting.

All clothing finally undone from their bodies, Morgan sucked in a big gulp of air, somehow getting even stiffer as he watched a naked Grey continue to torment his erection. He leaned in and delivered another savage kiss , bruising Grey’s lips. Grey moaned in pleasurable agony and eagerly spun Morgan around, rubbed his crotch against Morgan’s crease and pressed his quivering pucker. “Bend over and brace your hands on the chair.”

Morgan shivered as a sudden awareness stabbed him straight in the chest. “No.” Before Grey could question him, Morgan grabbed Grey and tackled him and forcefully trapped him in the comfortable sofa closest to them. “If I’m the one taking it,” he slid his legs in on either side of Grey and straddled his lap, “then I want to ride.”

Grey’s pupils flared, and he opened his mouth. Morgan quickly leaned in and covered Grey’s lips with his, afraid to hear the man refuse. He clutched Grey’s face and pried his jaw open with the force of his own, alternating between licking, biting, and plundering Grey’s mouth with a feast of kissing; desperate to make Grey so hot, the man wouldn’t care what position they ended up in. Morgan kissed Grey with every ounce of pent-up frustration and longing he’d suffered all week long, pushing the inferno of need out of his body and into Grey’s.

After one moment where it felt like they did a battle of wills, Grey’s strung tight body finally sank back onto the floor, and he slipped his arms around Morgan’s waist, holding him close. Morgan bent over Grey and skimmed his tongue over his nipples. Unable to help himself, Grey moaned as Morgan said “I want you…..right now. Get the lube”

Grey reached for his jeans and searched fervently for the lube he kept in his wallet. He had long since realized that everyone carried condoms around but what use was a condom without the right lube? “Hurry.” Morgan’s movements felt arthritic and clumsy and he knew Grey could see and feel the naked need thrumming all the way through his body, but he could not control or conceal his emotions. “Or I might come before you get there.”

Grey’s eyes fired with flames of liquid silver, his motions as agitated as Morgan’s. “bloody hell, at least let me get inside.” He dug his hand into his pocket, grabbed his wallet, and emptied all its contents on the floor like a schizophrenic “where’s the damn lube…wait,” he rummaged through the mess and held the small sachet in triumph. “Found it.”

“Hurry, Hurry.” Morgan pulled back, the haze in his eyes only slightly clearing as he looked at Grey. “I don’t have any condoms. Do you?”

That jerked Grey to a standstill. So much for his stupid assumption that everyone carried condoms around! “No.” His fingers sat frozen as he clutched the lube in place. “I don’t want to stop what we’ve started.” Grey stilled on the outside, but his blood raced like mad on the inside. He stared Morgan right in the eye and said “But we can stop things right now. it’s up to you.”

Sex without a condom!

Sex with Grey without a condom!!!

Oh fuck. Morgan looked up into Grey’s eyes, his chest thumping faster with every second he stared. His skin felt tight and hot, and his ass pulsed in time with his heartbeat, his body begging him to say yes.

Morgan reached up and brushed his fingers over Grey’s cheek, stunned when the man trembled in response. Hell, he wants this just as much as I do. Morgan scraped his fingers down Grey’s smooth chest and hard belly, making the man hiss, stopping only when he hit the rough tangles of short black curly hair.

Grey closed his eyes, his mouth falling open as he feathered a touch over Morgan’s hairy lap. It was a damn food thing that he was already sitting down. “Christ, I don’t want to stop.” He opened his eyes and set his focus, hot and full of wanting, on Morgan. “I want inside, and I want it bare.”

Morgan felt for sure he was going to die. Oh double-fuck! Morgan had promised himself since he was eighteen years old that he would NEVER have Sex with anyone without a condom. However, Grey’s words effectively slammed a lid on every valid reason Morgan had mentally listed as to why he should never sleep with Grey… or anyone without a condom. Morgan nodded.

Grey looked up, his eyes bright as he worked the clear substance over his rigid length. “You’re sure?” He held his essence around the base, every rearing inch now shiny with lube.

Hunger shone in Grey’s eyes, and Morgan had never wanted to be another person’s meal more. Morgan grabbed his own ass cheeks and pried himself open, and then lowered himself onto Grey’s thick tip. The head of Grey’s cock barely grazed Morgan’s ring, and Morgan felt the slight contact touch over every molecule in his body. He leaned his weight into Grey, kept their eyes connected, and bore down on Grey’s shaft. “I’m sure,” he promised. Gritting his teeth together, Morgan rocked, pressed, and burned the snug muscle protecting his channel. He didn’t stop working his hole over Grey’s erection until, with a gasp of pleasure, Morgan’s entrance opened, and Grey eased the head of his cock inside.

“ohhhhh God …. God … Grey.” His fingers digging deep into Grey’s shoulders, Morgan made a choking sound as the pleasure of the coupling engulfed him whole. Morgan’s jaw dropped open and Grey held him in place and slowly, oh-so-slowly, forced the rest of his rock-hard length up into Morgan’s ass. Morgan’s channel flamed with the taking, his ring screamed at the pulling … and he had never been harder in his life.

Grey groaned, the noise rumbling up from somewhere in his middle. “Damn it,” he looked into Morgan’s eyes, “you’re so fucking hot and tight,” He squeezed his arms around Morgan’s waist and pulled their front’s flush, creating friction between their bodies that had both men moaning with pleasure.

Every muscle in Morgan’s being contracted and seized, but at the same time shrieked at the restriction. “Hold yourself inside me.” He reached back and pushed one of Grey’s hands down to where his cock invaded Morgan’s body, entwining their fingers for a second before taking his away. “I want you to stay inside me when I start to move.”

Grey’s jaw clenched as he nodded, and Morgan’s chest constricted with temporary power. This man might not be able to admit to much more than a sexual attraction between them seeing as it took him a week to finally let both of them get to this point; but he could not deny how fierce and consuming that chemistry was when they came together.

Holding Grey’s gaze prisoner with his own, Morgan found a hold with one hand on Grey’s chest and the other at the crook of his elbow. Stable now, Morgan rocked his lower body in one long stroke over Grey’s cock, sliding up the man’s length until he was almost all the way out and then reversed the motion and impaled himself one hard inch at a time, filling his channel with scorching hardness again. It felt so damn good that Morgan did it again a second time, amazed that he could feel every ripple of his chute latch on to Grey’s shaft and try to hold it inside, only to close up and have to stretch to accommodate when he shifted forward and pushed Grey’s erection back inside him again. Morgan found a steady, darkly wonderful rhythm, one that had his rectum sending shivery tentacles of awareness up his back and down his legs; and had his ability to think or breathe decrease with every slow drive of his passage down over Grey’s cock. Morgan watched Grey as they came together, saw the lake of metallic silver in the man’s eyes, and Morgan knew he was lost.

No. I won’t let myself fall for the wrong man again. Closing his eyes to ward off the swell of emotion trying to take over him, Morgan picked up the pace and rammed himself up and down on Grey’s erection, wincing but loving the roughness consuming his sensitized anus, grasping for sensations that were purely physical and nothing more. Whipping his hips back and forth and side to side for maximum impact with Grey’s shaft, Morgan grunted at the almost painful widening of his tender channel, but he couldn’t stop. He sank his fingers into Grey’s hard, hot flesh and held on tight while he fucked himself on Grey’s cock, needing the force and speed of mad sex to take his mind and heart away from the mistaken belief that he and Grey were making love.

“Ahh, Holy Mary mother of Gawd,” Grey speared his shaft up hard, making Morgan open his eyes and cry out with sweet agony, his eyes becoming glassy with tears of pleasure threatening to fall, “you’re killing me.”

Morgan’s gaze clashed and caught up on Grey’s and, as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t look away. “Mark me,” he whispered, his voice a rough noise he barely recognized as his own. “Make me yours.” Morgan pumped his hips in an out of control fashion, hoping to suffocate the awareness of new love battling to break free. “Please.”

Grey growled and clutched Morgan’s ass, holding them together as he surged off the chair and slammed Morgan down onto the coffee table, sending books and a coffee mug crashing to the floor. Grey came down right on top of Morgan and thrust his shaft deep into Morgan’s ass, shoving his way inside until he could not take a single centimetre more. He pushed his hands into Morgan’s hair and twisted, holding on with a stinging grip as he pounded his hips into Morgan’s backside, slapping his balls into Morgan’s crack and sawing his manhood in and out of Morgan’s flaming rectum.

“You want it rougher than this?” Grey uttered the words harshly as he speared his essence into Morgan’s hole again, starting a motion that rolled Morgan’s lower body right off the coffee table with every sure thrust. Grey’s eyes held more than a hint of animal savagery, and he looked feral enough to bite. “Tell me.” He clawed at Morgan’s shoulder and bit his lower lip. “Now.”

“Yes.” Morgan pumped and strained against Grey, struggling to find a way to get inside the man’s very body. He locked his ankles high around Grey’s back, and grabbed the edge of the coffee table so he didn’t slide off the sweat-slick surface. “Fuck me harder.”

Grey reamed Morgan into a confused state of pure pleasure and pain. His fingers grabbed at Morgan’s face, pushing his jaw open. “You want me to fuck you so hard you’ll still feel me inside you every minute of the day tomorrow?” His focus dropped to Morgan’s mouth as he licked at the opening. He prodded with his tongue and roughly squeezed Morgan’s jaw. “Do you?”

Morgan couldn’t close his eyes or look away any longer, and even stopped trying. “Yes.” He lunged up and captured Grey’s mouth, needing every bit of connection he could steal for when Grey wasn’t there so he could relive it in his memory every waking minute. Morgan rubbed his tongue over Grey’s, shouting silently inside when Grey moaned and kissed him back with equal rawness. Morgan bit Grey’s lower lip, pulling at the swollen skin as Grey took another hard plunge into his ass. “oh, Gawd…” Morgan’s mouth fell open with the incredible friction Grey wreaked on his sweet spot. “Harder… yes …. yes.”

Grey’s face changed, the skin over his cheeks pulled taut, and his lips twisted into a snarl. “You want me to mark you so deeply my cum never finds its way out of your tight ass?” Grey went at Morgan with a sharp stab of his shaft, shaking the sturdy coffee table holding them up with the powerful vigour of his sexual ritual with Morgan. “Is that what you want?”

Morgan let go of the table and wrapped his hands around Grey’s neck, pulling his face down until their foreheads touched. “Please, come.” Morgan scrapped his lips across Grey’s, unable to hide what he needed anymore. Overwhelming emotions had such control of him that his request barely held sound. “I need to feel you come.”

Looking into Morgan’s eyes, Grey’s mouth fell open. “I… I…” His eyes squeezed shut, his entire body shuddered in one continuous wave, and a second later, warm liquid spurted deep in Morgan’s ass as Grey succumbed to orgasm.


Still breathing heavily in the afterglow, Grey watched Morgan and basked in the hot sensuality of the man before him. The man had given him the best orgasm he’d ever had and he was yet to reach orgasm himself.

Morgan held Grey firmly to the ground with one hand and stroked himself with the other. “I’m so close….but I wanna come in you.” He smiled seductively and the hand that held Grey down started making its way towards Grey’s bum, its aim intent on lightly teasing Grey’s hole. He never got the chance. Grey inhaled sharply and grabbed Morgan’s fingers, clamping a chokehold around them just as they pushed at his sphincter.

So close.

Grey’s heart sat right in his throat. “No. You can’t.”

Morgan snapped his gaze up, his hand still holding his arousal, and agony mapping his face. Where only seconds ago Grey had felt wonderful, his stomach now churned with nausea. A twisted desire to let go of Morgan’s fingers and scream “Yes, by all means…mark me,” pounded like a second heartbeat in Grey’s core; but instead he abrasively “I told you, I don’t bend over for anybody, and I meant it.”

Anger storm clouds swirled in Morgan’s eyes, darkening its emerald colour so deeply a chill trickled down Grey’s spine. Pure unadulterated need sat visibly on Morgan’s striking face and, for a moment, Grey feared Morgan would overpower him and take what he so clearly wanted.

“Let me suck yo–” Grey started. the cold in Morgan’s gaze shut down Grey’s offer more effectively than the loudest shout ever could.

Morgan stumbled away as fast as he could and turned away from Grey, barely making it to the foot of the sofa, where he stopped and braced his hand against the arm rest. Half bent over, Morgan jerked himself off without a sound, the tension in his back and legs speaking volumes above the most intimate of moans. Grey knew he shouldn’t look, but as much as he knew he caused this, and that Morgan would not want him to witness this personal act, Grey couldn’t turn away for the world. A dozen fast jerks of Morgan’s fist up and down his shaft later, and the tiniest intake of audible breath reached Grey’s ears. Then, the splash of semen hitting the floor sounded like a pressure washer hitting concrete floors as Morgan finally succumbed to orgasm.

One long minute that felt like an eternity hung heavy in the air between them, but eventually, Morgan turned and grabbed his sweats from the edge of the couch. He lifted his head and looked at Grey in the eyes, and Grey knew that he sat in the presence of a better man. “I hate like hell you saw that,” Morgan said, his voice hard and distant. “If I could have made it even to just the hallway, I would have.”

“I know.” Shame blanketed Grey, even though he had been honest with Morgan about his position regarding sex from the start. “I’m sorry if you got the impression I was going to change my mind about letting you inside me. I won’t. I don’t bend over. For you, or anybody.”

Morgan slipped on his pants. “You’re scared,” he said, not looking away even for a second. “Literally and figuratively.”

“Why?” Grey snorted, covering the fact that the hair all over his body rose to full alert. “Because I don’t want someone to invade my body? Morgan flinched and Grey knew his statement had literally slapped the man in the face. Too late to take it back, he stacked his hands behind his head and continued. ” Is it not possible for you to believe I just don’t want it? Some men don’t, you know.”

“Some men, yeah.” Morgan didn’t back down or skip a beat. “But not you. I could feel it in every line of your body when I held you, Grey. you want me inside you. Maybe you’re scared of what it will feel like or if it will hurt.” Looking Grey up and down, Morgan raised a brow and stated categorically, “My money says you’re scared to give up control of your body and put your pleasure in someone else’s hands.”

Grey rolled his eyes. “Don’t make me into a romance novel cliché, Morgan.

“If the pages fit…” Morgan shrugged and turned away, ready to go wash himself and his humiliation away, but turned back around and leaned right into Grey’s space. “You know what? I’m not one of your little boyfriends. I don’t give a shit about your job, your money, or your past. I don’t want anything from you, so I don’t have anything invested in shutting my mouth and rolling over every time you want to plug your adaptor into my socket, rather than speaking up and saying that I want to do the same to you too. I think you already know that, and I think that it terrifies the shit out of you that you have treated me differently than one of your regular, easy, forgettable lays from the moment we met.

Morgan leaned in even closer, stopping a breath away from Grey’s face. “I want inside you,” he said, making the hairs on the back of Grey’s neck stand. “I want to work like hell to give you pleasure before I take you, if that is what is required. I’m not gonna say I never want you inside me again, because the fact is I like feeling your weight on me, and you in me. I like it so much I want to do the same to you, and I won’t pretend I don’t want to just to keep you happy. I don’t need any man’s cock that much. Not even yours.”

Grey sat stock still unable to move, even just to breathe. After a few seconds, Morgan cursed and pushed away from Grey. He suddenly felt like letting the rain wash away Grey off his body. “I have to go. I need some air.” Not turning back, Morgan walked away from Grey and headed towards the front door. Seconds later, the door slammed shut and Grey knew Morgan was gone.

Grey sat in the spot where the best sex of his miserable life had just occurred and felt empty inside. He felt so damn unworthy of even having sex with a man like Morgan. Feeling like shit, Grey slammed his fist into the floor, and then did it again and again until his knuckles started to bleed.

He deserved it.


Somewhere outside, the man had watched it all with seething anger. Running back into the shadows before the doors opened, he had watched Morgan stomp out of the house angry and the man’s blood boiled. The Bastard! Grey will pay for this. I swear He will pay, the man promised himself.


…To be Continued!

Soundtrack for Given to Grey: The Tempest… BOUND TO YOU by Christina Aguilera


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2 responses to “Given To Grey: The Tempest

  1. nuges

    May 9, 2013 at 2:43 PM

    The graphicness of this story makes it real and relatable, We’ve all had that wow moment where our fantasies are being fulfilled and all of a sudden when we think it can’t get any better, we are faced with the ultimate rejection in the midst of being vulnerable. I’m #TeamMorgan on this right now but let’s hope Grey has a good reason for not given up that ass, or he does in the future! Who knows.

    • The Controvert

      May 10, 2013 at 7:49 PM

      Dear Nuges

      Your guess is as good as mine… Vulnerability is its own curse and reward I guess….

      Thank you for commenting. Looking forward to more comments from you…

      Your one and only…
      The Controvert!


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